WACL Coda: A Requiem for Don Diligent w/ Alex Tsakiris, Clay Vandiver, Wade Davies, Keith Allen Dennis, Moss Robeson & Recluse

Don Diligent, Ed Coffman, World Anti-Communist League, Unification Church, cults, Moral Re-armament, Los Tecos, Propaganda Due, OUN-B, Process Church of the Final Judgment, Fundamentalist Church of the Latter-Day Saint, FLDS, Warren Jeffs, Whitley Strieber, David Koresh, Philip K. Dick, spirituality, leaving a cult, the effects of cults on families, Ed Coffman's struggle, friendship


The Farm and all the WACL crew would like to offer their sincere condolences to Ed Coffman's family. We hope everyone listening will help keep Ed's memory alive by continuing to spread his research. Ed's contributions to The Farm can be found at the following:  





Another important tribute to Ed Coffman can be found here:


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