The Strange Death of John McAfee, Ufology, and Other Oddities w/ David Troy, Lestat, Defango & Recluse

Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica, Shadow Brokers, IARPA, UAREHERE, MUFON, Obama, Obama campaign, 2008 election, Democratic Party, Occupy Wall Street, Ufology, Project Camelot, Project Avalon, Serpo, Tyroan Simpson, Lin Simpson, Thomas Schoenberger, QAnon, Cicada 3301, Kim Dotcom, piracy, cryptography, Discordianism, cypherpunks, alternate reality games, Benjamin Fulford, Robert David Steele, Lisa Clapier, NESARA, Mormonism, the Mighty I Am, mythmaking, Theosophy, cryptocurrencies, Ripple, XRP, Bruno Borges, John McAfee, ShadowBox

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