The Secret History of Ufology III: NICAP w/ Erica Lukes, Jack Brewer & Recluse

National Investigations Committee of Aerial Phenomena, NICAP, Ufology, T. Townsend Brown, Donald Keyhoe, CIA, American Security Council, Economic Cooperation Administration, Consulting Services, Nicholas de Rochefort, Committee of One Million, China Lobby, Taiwan, Marvin Liebman, money laundering, anti-communism, Admiral Arthur Radford, Admiral Herbert B. Knowles, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Barney and Betty Hill, US Navy, CIA, Barry Goldwater, John Fisher, General Albert Wedemeyer, psychological warfare, Soviet Union, Mormons, Robertson Panel, NICAP's decline, Ernst Zundel, mailing lists, neo-Nazis, blacklisting

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