The Secret History of International Fascism III: Pedos, Cults, and Secret Armies w/ Danny Weill, George of cavdef & Recluse

Fascism, populism, Juan Peron, Argentina, Eva Peron,  Peronism, Otto Skorzeny, Huey Long, the assassination of Huey Long, the assassination of Admiral Darlan, JFK assassination, Le Cercle, stay-behinds, secret armies, Gladio, La Cagoule, strategy of tension, le guerre revolutionaire, Italy, Years of Lead, Belgium, "Bloody 80s," Marc Dutroux, Prince Bernhard, Dutroux affair, VIP pedophile rings, Colonia Dignidad, Operation Condor, 1968, Los Tecos, dirty wars, AAA, CAL, drug cartels, Medellin cartel, Guadalajara cartel, Sinaloa cartel, Cali Cartel, fundamentalist Mormonism, LeBarons, LeBaronism, Colonia LeBaron, Mitt Romney, Allred family, Ted Bundy, serial killers, Adolfo Constanzo, Santeria, The Finders, Kenneth Grant, Chicago, Florida, Louisiana, Latin America, Americas, Hand of Death, Henry Lee Lucas, White Eagle underground


Additional resources/Farm episodes referenced:

Secret History of International Fascism I

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WACL V: Los Tecos


Ted Bundy

White Eagle Lodge

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