The Nine w/Christopher Ernst & Recluse

The Nine, Dr. Vinod, Indian Nationalism, Andrija Puharich, British intelligence, Astor family, Vincent Astor, Alice Astor, Arthur Young, séance, Rexford Daniels, ESP, Henry Wallace, espionage, Soviet Union, anti-Communism, MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE, Project Pelican, MK-OFTEN, 1974, VALIS, Uri Geller, George Hunt Williamson, William Dudley Pelley, Laugheads, When Prophecy Fails, Mexico, magic mushrooms, Grand Ennead, electromagnetic radiation, UFOs, Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Gaia TV, Ra Materials, L/L Research, Order of the Nine Angles. Sir John Whitmore, Lost, Fringe, JJ Abrams, Esalen

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