Talking Postmodernism & Cultural Marxism w/ Edmund Berger & Recluse

Postmodernism, Romanticism, Nietzsche, William Blake, Moravian Church, schizophrenia, Grail Marcus, dadaism, Frankfurt school, cultural Marxism, critical theory, George Lucas, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, David Lynch, Back to the Future, postmodern art, postmodernism and it's relation to Marxism & economic theory, the rise of postmodernism in policy making circles, Reaganism, Thatcherism, the postmodern presidency, the First Gulf War, "Historic Turn" of 2004, economic justice vs social justice, Occupy Wall Street, Trump, Epstein, QAnon, Pizzagate, Russiagate, Traditionalism, Julius Evola, Futurism, accelerationism, libertarianism, Nick Land, Dugin  

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