Talking Misogyny in the Paraweird Community w/ Stephanie Quick & Recluse

Stephanie Quick, misogyny, Ufology, New Age, paraweird, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Robert Anton Wilson, Carlos Castaneda, sexual harassment, stalking, David Emory, sex magick, Allen Greenfield, Jacques Vallee, Diana Walsh-Pasulka, Society for Creative Anachronism, Playboy, Hustler, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner, Chester the Molester, cons


Resources Mentioned on the Show; Resources for Learning about Misogyny in the Paraweird:


Occultism With a Side of Salt podcast episode “Why Women Leave The Occult” - very worthwhile, frank discussion on this topic with lots of overlap on issues in the paraweird community.


“Sorceror’s Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Cataneda” by Amy Wallace


Author, Speaker and “Bind Trump” magician Michael M. Hughes


A Path With Heart: Sex, Eros and Mystical Union with the Divine featuring WHAM


Sex Magic Interview with Allen Greenfield


The Paranormally Erotic: My Story


An Example of Misogyny on the Mysterious Universe podcast


Energy Predation and Emotional Manipulation at a Tibetan Meditation Centre

Some Woman Produced and Woman Positive ParaWeird Content:

Caludroncast - paranormal meets true crime with hosts of color

Two Witches Podcast - psychic questing in the Pacific Northwest

Six Degrees of John Keel - one stop shop for paraweirdness viewed thru a rigorous yet Keelian lens


The Q Files - all things paraweird from a queer perspective. They cover unusual topics, too.


Crimelines - woman produced true crime. The white host has been featuring cases of missing and murdered Indigenous woman and girls monthly, including research on issues of history, cultural sensitivity, and economic/legal issues. 


Shattered Reality podcast - host Fahrusha interviews a number of women with an emphasis on academic research.


Anomaly Archives - their recent fundraising streamathon had a number of women presenters, check for past/future monthly live streams on various topics including neglected women researchers such as Eugenia Macer-Story


The Church of Mabus Radio Show - Jeffrey Prichett has consistently featured women as guests on this long running festival of weirdness! Check the voluminous archives for inspiration. Long-time cohost Professor WHAM is a woman, experiencer, academic, and esotericist - and author of “Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley”.


Paranormal Researcher Allison Jornlin - her You tube channel on women in the paranormal focuses on the founding mothers of paranormal research. 


Parallax Views with J.G. Michaels consistently interviews women as guests on all topics - from retired scream queens, to academics, journalists, activists, and more! No token women here.


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