Recluse and John Bevilaqua Talk Wickliffe Preston Draper and United Fruit

John Bevilaqua, JFK -The Final Solution, The Manchurian Candidate, Wickliffe Preston Draper, slavery, company town, Hopedale, Taft family, Abraham Lincoln assassination, General John Pershing, "Black Jack" Pershing, Pershing Expedition, Pancho Villa, Hugh Angleton, Charles Willoughby, James Jesus Angleton, Skull and Bones, Mary Ferrell, Thomas Ellis, Council for National Policy, Pioneer Fund, eugenics, William Shockley, the Bell Curve, Roger Pearson, United Fruit, Zionism, Samuel Zemurry, Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Mossad, PROMIS, the Octopus, Allen Dulles, Cardinal Francis Spellman, JFK assassination, Donald Trump, Leon Black, United Brand, Eli Black, Sidney Reilly, Boris Brasol, Sovereign Order of Saint John

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