Anti-Mystery Babylon VII: White Eagle Lodge/Underground w/ George of & Recluse

White Eagle Lodge, White Eagle Underground, Cherokee Ranch, OSS, CIA, Tweet Kimball, Frank Wisner, Merritt Kirk Ruddock, Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, cult, secret society, drug trafficking, child sex rings, Jon Benet Ramsey, Henry Lee Lucas, JFK assassination, Hand of Death, Gulf States, Gulf Cartel, Adolfo Constanzo, anti-Castro Cubans, Lin Wood, QAnon, Mankind Research Unlimited, Sovereign Order of Saint John, The Finders, Ted Bundy, 211 Crew, Tom Clement, assassinations, bioterror, 9/11, 2001 anthrax attacks, Steven Hatfield, Columbine, terrorism, Oklahoma City bombing, Maury Terry, Son of Sam, Atlanta child murders, National States Rights Party, Frazier Glenn Miller, Mexico

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