Psycast Pt.1 Hosted by Frank Zero with Jeremy Knight, Steven Snider and Christopher Knowles

The Psycast team: Frank Zero, Jeremy Knight and Steven Snider of VISUP are joined by Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun.

Topics covered: Quantum AI, the Singularity, Accelerationism (Ccru), H. P. Lovecraft, D-Wave, Elon Musk and Geordie Rose, Jack Kirby and comic book shamanism, the black oil, Kenneth Grant and Peter Levenda, X-Files and Fringe, reality as a simulation, TBMC and psychic children, portals and remote viewing, the elite's relationship with technology and genetics, Epstein, Stranger Things & John Dies at the End, parapolitics and technology, cybernetics and Project Montauk, Project Artichoke, contemporary paganism, Esalen, South Park, Silicon Valley and Burning Man, Peter Tompkins, secret societies, Andrijah Puharich, talking to plants, Sophia and talkbots, Spider Man and the alien symbiote, Philip Corso and "Lucifer's Technology" Secret Sun series, Carl Maria Stanley, David Ferry, Colonia Dignidad in Chile, Necro(Simon)omicon, and Snider's new book

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