Proud Boys & Twilight Language 2020 | Steven Snider with John Brisson

Proud Boys, St. John, St. John's Eve, Sovereign Order of Saint John, unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency, Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, boogaloo boys, Gavin McInnes, Augustus Sol Invictus, people of color found hanging, nooses, Antifa, agent provocateurs, psychological warfare, political warfare, Edward Lansdale, Strategy of Tension, Years of Lead, Propaganda Due, Gladio, Orange Order, Orange Lodges, twilight language, synchromyticism, Smiley Face killers, George Floyd, Minneapolis, Roger Stone, 2020 presidential elections, military coup, Mike Pence, Council for National Policy, The Family, Dominionism, terrorism, destabilization of government, Michael A. Hoffman II, James Shelby Downard, Richard Nixon, DOnald Trump, assassination, Albert Pike, freemasonry, red triangles, 88, 33, Freemasons vs Nazis, John Brisson, Steven Snider, Recluse, VISUP blog

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