Deep Politics of Coronavirus - The Farm - Steven Snider with John Brisson

The Farm - Steven Snider with John Brisson - Deep Politics of Coronavirus

Topics: COVID-19, Trump, Council on National Policy, Council for Foreign Relations, Bill Gates, deep state civil war, China, EU, UK, Iran, bio-weapons, race-based bio-weapons, Israel, Apartheid South Africa, American civil war, Rockefellers, 5G, cashless society, New World Order, one world government, UN, anti-globalism, break-up of China, black swan, Anglo-American Union, Boris Johnson, UK, Brexit, Martin Armstrong, 2024 election, 2020 election, martial law, 2027 civil war, globalism vs nationalism, Rex 84, Operations Garden Plot, FEMA camps, Operation Cabal Splicer, Left Behind, Tim LaHaye, Christian right, Steven Bannon, Ronald Reagan, Oliver North, Iran-Contra

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