Hellier Team - Host Frank Zero with Nathan Paul Isaac, Kyle Kadel, Darren West and Steven Snider

Topics: Hellier documentary, Somerset, Greg and Dana Newkirk, Penny Royale, International Paranormal Museum, Ra Materials, the Law of One, Corey Goode, David Wilcox, Gaia TV, Hopkinsville, Kentucky hobgoblins, MKULTRA, Project ARTICHOKE, Federal Narcotics Prison Farm at Lexington, Harrington Lake, cryptids, UFOs, fey, 2016 US Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Biff Halloran, Drew Thornton, Bradley Bryant, The Company, the Cotton Club murders, John Y. Brown, Roy Radin, Laney Jacobs, Anita Madden, Robert Evans, Phyliss George, LSD, CIA, OSS, Office of Naval Research, Andrija Puharich, John Mulholland, Star Trek, The Nine, cults, secret societies, Adena, Hopewell, Indian Mounds, scrying, entheogens.

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